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"Last night, from what I can remember, I was Drinking. I drank with style, flair, finesse, élan, even perhaps a little Je ne sais quoi, that if you were really pushed, you’d probably label “panache”, maybe sell in a bottle? That was Me, last night, the way I drank.

Last night I was breaking all the rules, making up new ones. I was Jimmy Belushi; I was the prototypical hard nut, hellraisin’ king of comedy and swing. I was a Richard Harris, Olly Reed, Dennis Hopper Triple Decker, a deluxe at that, and say my good man, go heavy with that extra fire sauce. Me, a Wild Bunch of One, trailing a blaze of glory, saying, Yes, tonight, I’m living on a prayer. I was winging it and it felt like it was working out, Me, squaring off with fate, dialling my date with destiny, letting my ego write the cheques, going eye to eye, punch for punch, drink for drink with the ruffian on the stairs.

And when I was done, there was no need to look back in anger, because when I was done I couldn’t look back at all."


Meet Samuel Grant. He’s trying to work a few things out.

Remember to Breathe is a rom-com trip set to a retro beat, for anyone who’s ever partied like it was 1999. And woken to realise that the last tequila was unwise.


Remember to Breathe

A novel by Simon Pont.
Published by Urbane Publications.
Available worldwide, in store and online, from October 2012.

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