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Short-listed as one of the Top 5 business marketing books of 2014.


Society, Media, Technology, three converging circles.

At the point of intersection, the Digital State.

Is this land a Thomas More-style utopia, an Orwellian dystopia, a blend of both, or neither? And more pointedly, what could this part-built land become? What is its potential? An Empire with hegemonic possibilities? A rogue state? A nirvana, enlightened and illuminating? Or something much darker, bleaker and “End of Days”-like?

It sure feels like we’re on the cusp, but the cusp of what?, asks Simon Pont, bestselling author of The Better Mousetrap.

Is the Nation State evolving, being usurped even by an emerging Digital State?

Is the Digital Revolution creating “new realities” for people, fiction and delusion bleeding too easily into our screen-dependent everydays?

Simon Pont invites comment and controversy from some of the creative industries smartest thinkers and most opinionated voices.

Digital State is an eagle-eyed and piercingly articulated 'Anthology of Thought' from a geographically far-flung cast of industry veterans and young guns.

Digital state: How the Internet is Changing Everything

Edited and written by Simon Pont.​

Published by Kogan Page.

Available worldwide, in store and online, from June 2013.

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